What is The Yachting Hub?

The Yachting Hub is the world’s leading content creation agency that focuses exclusively on yachts and the yachting lifestyle. 

What does the The Yachting Hub do?

The Yachting Hub supplies ‘ready to publish’ print, web and social media content to the world’s magazine publishers, website owners and social media managers.

How do I use The Yachting Hub?

Simply browse our extensive features, identify and review the content you would like to buy, select the required package (Print, Web & Social Media, or Web & Social Media only), pay by credit card and the features will automatically download in zip form, direct to your desktop.

When will The Yachting Hub’s content be received?

Almost immediately. It just takes us a couple of minutes after payment to generate your content. An email with a link to your order/download page will be sent to you.

 How will The Yachting Hub’s content be received?

A couple of minutes after payment, you will receive an email with a link to your order page where you can download your content package in zip format. Once unzipped, you will have two/three folders consisting of Print, Web and Social Media according to the package you purchased.

 Who creates the content for The Yachting Hub? 

The Yachting Hub employs a pool of renowned publishing professionals, who are all experts in the field of yachting. With over 80 years of experience, The Yachting Hub team benefits from receiving unprecedented access to the world’s shipyards. 

What are the advantages of using The Yachting Hub? 

 The Yachting Hub is a one-stop shop for your yachting content needs. We take all the hassle out of sourcing features for your publication, website and social media platforms. All our quality content is ready to publish, in the correct format, immediately.


Content Packages

What packages does The Yachting Hub supply?

The Yachting Hub has two package options: Print, Web & Social Media, or Web & Social Media only.

What is supplied in the print folder?

In the Print folder, The Yachting Hub supplies high quality and colour-corrected images (300dpi) with ready to publish copy including pull quotes and dedicated captions for all the main images.

What is supplied in the web folder?

In the Web folder, The Yachting Hub supplies resized and SEO-friendly images (72 dpi) (including the name of your website and your country), video links ready to embed on your website and unique and SEO-friendly copy.

What does the Social Media folder supply?

In the Social Media folder, The Yachting Hub supplies resized images/videos and relevant social media hashtags.

Are the features ready to go?

You can immediately forward the text and photos to your production team for design; upload texts, photos and videos on your website CMS, or create posts on social media.

Is the web content unique?

Yes, in order to maximize your website Google ranking, the text provided for web is unique. 

Is the web content SEO Friendly?

Yes, we write our web features to the best SEO standards. 

Is the content exclusive?

Yes, the text provided for the Web is unique. The text provided for Print is exclusive for your country of distribution. 

The Yachting Hub is a niche platform. Articles are downloaded on average three to four times between Australia, South East Asia, India, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and North America. There is a chance that the Print version you receive may have been published in a different country, outside of your market. The probability of your reader finding the same article in another magazine is near to zero, therefore creating De Facto exclusivity for your readership. 


Payment & Invoicing

How can we pay?

The Yachting Hub accepts all major credit cards. No need for lengthy, outdated invoicing processes. We are no longer in the middle ages, so we have streamlined the payment process. This insures the low prices we offer.

How will I receive my invoice?

Immediately after payment, you will receive your invoice by email.

Does The Yachting Hub store my credit card details?

No, The Yachting Hub does not store your credit card data.


Promotions & Discounts

How to use/get promotions?

The Yachting Hub offers regular promotions on selected items. A promo code can be received by email or will be displayed on the top of our page. During the checkout process, you will be requested to enter your promotion code. Each promo code can be used only once.

How to use/get credits?

You can receive and use credits once your account is completed (with your media pack uploaded) and once you have supplied The Yachting Hub with the proof of publication of your purchased content package. Subject to approval, the credit will be shown on your account and will be automatically deducted from your invoice during your next purchase.

What credit value does The Yachting Hub offer?

A credit of US$100 is offered on your next purchase for each proof of publication of the purchased Print, Web & Social package.

A credit of US$25 is offered for each proof of publication of Web & Social package on your next purchase.

What is proof of publication?

A proof of publication is a PDF or URL of the purchased content package once published.

How can I supply the proof of publications?

You can either email us the URL or PDF of the article once published to The Yachting Hub stating in the subject line your order number, or visit Store Credits on your account page. You can retrieve the relevant order and upload the URL/PDF of the article there.


Terms & Conditions, and Miscellaneous

What are The Yachting Hub’s terms and conditions?

You can review our terms and conditions here.

Can I have exclusivity on a desired feature? (upcoming feature)

Yes, The Yachting Hub can supply content exclusively to you in your country.

Can The Yachting Hub produce custom content for me?

Yes, please contact our editorial team on The Yachting Hub

Once purchased, can I replicate the content on other platforms?

The Yachting Hub is providing a one-time license only. To be replicate content on a different platform requires another license, which can be purchased separately.

How can I feature my company on The Yachting Hub?

Please contact our editorial team on The Yachting Hub

Can I re-download my previous orders?

Yes. Click on your account page, click order history, click the relevant order number and hit the download button.